Sunday, February 28, 2010


Collie | Dog fenceI'm sure this active dog breed will surely break your dog fence at home.

A collie is a distinctive type of herding dog, ultimately originating in Britain, especially in the upland areas of the north and west. It is a medium-sized, fairly lightly-built dog with a pointed snout, and many types have a distinctive white pattern over the shoulders. Collies are very active and agile, and most types have a very strong herding instinct.

Collie | leather dog collarThe collie type has spread through many parts of the world (especially Australia and North America) and has diversified into many landraces and breeds, sometimes with mixture from other dog types. Some of the collie types have remained as working dogs, used for herding cattle, sheep and other livestock, while others are kept as pets, show dogs or for dog sports, in which they display great agility, stamina and trainability.

Common use of the name "collie" in some areas is limited largely to certain breeds – such as to the Rough Collie in parts of the United States, or to the Border Collie in many rural parts of Great Britain. Many collie types do not actually include "collie" in their name.

Collie | dog bathingThe exact origin of the name "collie" is uncertain, although it may derive from "coal" – many collie types are black or black-and-white. Alternatively it may come from the related word colley, referring to the black-faced mountain sheep of Scotland.The collie name refers especially to dogs of Scottish origin, but the collie type is far more widespread in Britain and in many other parts of the world, often being called sheepdog or shepherd dog elsewhere.

Collie | pet beds

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Day 40

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Belgian Sheepdog Large Size Dog

Belgian Sheepdog Large Size DogBelgian Sheepdog Large Size Dog

Belgian Sheepdog Herding DogBelgian Sheepdog Herding Dog

Belgian Sheepdog Highly Intelligent DogBelgian Sheepdog Highly Intelligent Dog

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mirror Mirror...

Me and my person go to this big store sometimes where they have lawn mowers and toilets and big pieces of wood and garbage cans and rugs and light bulbs and so many cool things. It's full of so much stuff to sniff and I love it there. Sometimes when I go inside the people who work there all yell my name, "Jhumpa", and my tail wags sooo fast.

But what was so great the other day was that I saw someone sitting on a shelf who looked just like me! I stopped and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. I couldn't believe my eyes. Sort of like the first time I looked in the thing called a mirror and saw myself. Like magic!

Here is me and my mirror friend:

Here's another:

And one more:
I was so happy to find my mirror friend. I can't wait to visit him next time I go to the store with the lawn mowers and wood and toilets...And my mirror friend!!!

Love, Jhumpa Jones

Read to Me

Do you read ???

A lot of people I meet like to read.

I don't read too much myself, but I sure like when people read to me.

Oh' and I like to look at the pictures too, even upside down.

So if you like to read too, or just want to say "Hi" come by and visit. We hang out at the Brisbane Library. But be careful, you could catch what my dad says is a reading bug. I hope I don't get it.


American Water Spaniel Top Dog Breeds

American Water Spaniel Top Dog BreedsAmerican Water Spaniel Top Dog Breeds

American Water Spaniel Top Gundog BreedsAmerican Water Spaniel Top Gundog Breeds

American Water Spaniel Intelligent BreedsAmerican Water Spaniel Intelligent Breeds

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Dog who wasn't interested...

The most difficult dogs to photograph are terriers because they are so active, but even so most will look at me at some point. This dog refused. Nothing was going to make him look at me - all the noises I made, cluck cluck sounds, eee eee eee sounds, etc. Yes, you can laugh! Of course not all terriers are like this, but this little chap, called Bonbon, didn't want to know anything about having his photo taken or even glancing at me.

So here's the best I could do. Bonbon is five years old and lives in Italy and in Menton where his family have a second home.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Dog WallpaperAfghan Hound Dog Wallpaper

Afghan Hound Funny Dog Afghan Hound Funny Dog

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Affenpinscher Dog WallpaperAffenpinscher Dog Wallpaper

Affenpinscher Dog pictureAffenpinscher Dog Picture

Monday, February 22, 2010

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher ImageDoberman Pinscher Image

Doberman Pinscher FamilyDoberman Pinscher Family

Maltese Dog Wallpaper

Maltese Dog WallpaperMaltese Dog Wallpaper

Fur in fur on fur...

Fur in fur on fur...there's a lotta fur going on here but then it was a very cold day in Menton.

Meet Eden who is a two month old long-coat chihuahua, sitting in total comfort in her own special furry handbag.