Saturday, September 4, 2010


These shots don't do justice to this beautiful dog. We are in the veterinarian's waiting room and I wish we'd been outside in the sunlight. No matter - Cheyenne, a two and a half year old Bi-color Standard Poodle is gorgeous regardless.

In the smaller photo she is standing near to Camille, the veterinary assistant, and I've included the last photo where she is shaking her head as the only thing in focus is her eye - her expression makes me laugh.

Cheyenne's owner, Valerie - a well-known 'dog lady' in Monaco - for years she trained guide dogs for the blind - told me that the Caniche Royale Bicolore (the French name) is not recognised in the show ring in France but is in certain other countries. Valerie is the President of the ACBF (Association des Caniches Bicolores en France).

Isn't Cheyenne fabulous!

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