Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier | Pet BedsDog bathing will fun in this type of dog.

The Bedlington Terrier is an adaptable, versatile, affectionate, and entertaining dog. He is determined, inquisitive, opinionated, feisty, and fearless. He has a big heart and will become your shadow following you around everywhere you go.

Bedlington Terrier | Dog Car SeatsHe loves to play, retrieve, jog, and curl up with you when you curl up with a good book. He enjoys just hanging out with you. He is a clownish extrovert and likes to be the center of attention. He will leap for joy when visitors come to your house. He is an energetic, yet gentle, playmate for children. He loves all people, but he especially loves children (though no Terrier will put up with being teased by one).

Bedlington Terrier | Pet Gates He is usually very quiet unless something gets his goat and then the terrier in him takes over. While he can be a bit headstrong, he is also eager to please. But he is only moderately easy to train. Bedlingtons usually get along with other dogs, but if challenged they will fight. He has a high prey drive and will chase furry animals, and he is fast, so he is safest kept on lead or in a fenced-in area. But be careful, because Bedlington Terriers are very enthusiastic and talented diggers!

Bedlington Terrier | Dog Bathing
Bedlington Terrier | Dog Car Seats | Pet Gates

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