Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Doghouse for Your Pet

Want to gift your loyal dog a cozy resting place of it’s own? Why don’t you build him a dog house? Please do not panic, there are some simple rules to remember, following which you can successfully build your pet a kennel. If you do not have the time, then get a custom dog house, from a pet store or order it online.

The things you should remember for building or for buying a dog house are listed below.

# Size:  The interior of the doghouse must be spacious enough to encourage free movement of your dog. Therefore, you must ensure that the structure is of right size and your pet feels comfortable in its new shelter. Keep the width and the length at least 12 and 18 inches longer than your pet. In height, keep it 9 inches longer.

# Shape: Make the roof of the house in an angle that allows rain and snow to slide off. A proper roof will protect your pet from rough weather, keeping him warm and happy. Make it waterproof by using asphalt shingle.

# Strength: If you can manage to build a cedar dog house, it will last for years withstanding the natural elements like storm and rain. Reinforcing the doghouse with braces at the corner is very important to keep it stable.

# Insulation: Like you, your dog also loves to relax in perfect temperature. Protect him from shivering cold or summer heat by insulating the inside walls with the same insulating material you use for your house. To prevent you’r pet from chewing into the material cover it with ¼ inch of plywood.

# Entrance: Your dog must have easy access; inside and outside. For this a door is needed, that is 2 inches higher than the dog’s height and 3 inches wider than it’s body width.

It will be easier for you to build a doghouse, using a house-building plan. Get hold of a doghouse-building plan from your friend or neighbor, who already used it successfully. Otherwise, you can get a house-building plan online or buy it from a pet store along with the building material. 

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