Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Puppy Care Center

Puppy love. That's what Best Friends' new Puppy Care Center is all about. A safe haven for orphaned puppies and their mothers. A soft landing where our whole health approach will help these tender hearts to heal and find forever homes. A happy place
where cold noses, warm tummies, wet kisses and sweet puppy breath are always welcome.

Opening in spring 2010, the Puppy Care Center will accommodate up to 240 puppies and mothers. Its design combines local aesthetics and "green" elements with best practices in animal care and provides new space for Best Friends to pioneer its model outreach programs in support of No More Homeless Pets. See video of the Dedication Event.

Puppy Admissions Building. This is where new arrivals will get a full medical checkup and receive treatment for any existing health problems. Four puppy apartments will become home along with two family suites where mothers can peacefully nurse their newborns. During a quarantine period, puppies will be vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and watched as their personalities develop - and they'll get lots of "cuddle therapy." Take a virtual tour of the Puppy Admissions Building.

Puppy Preschool Building. When they're ready, the puppies will move next door, where seven indoor/outdoor puppy apartments await along with their very own classroom! The puppies will learn basic manners and meet dogs, cats and people of all ages during Puppy Class, one of the most popular activities among our sanctuary volunteers. Take a virtual tour of the Puppy Preschool Building .

Puppy Park. What could be more fun than a playground full of puppies? With a sandbox, pool, recreation and training equipment, and covered areas for relaxing, this multi-surfaced yard that connects the two buildings will be the puppies' favorite hangout. Take a virtual tour of the Puppy Park.

Check back often for updates and news about the Puppy Care Center!


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