Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beware of Puppy Mills

“Puppy mills” breed dogs in large quantities for mass marketing with NO regard for the puppies’ genetics, health or well-being. Most pet stores today receive their pups from “puppy farms or puppy mills.” Here, the puppies live in cramped, often dirty cages with little human contact; poor nutrition; no socialization; no Vet care; and the breeding females are bred as often as possible to increase their profits.
When your puppy comes from a “puppy mill,” you risk paying a high price for a poor quality puppy, with no guarantee of good health long term.
Also, it is inhumane to keep a female dog in a cage for only the purpose of producing puppies for human profit. This profit is easily made by “puppy mills” due to little or no investment for the care of the pups.
For the past several years, “puppy mill breeders” are selling their poor quality, unhealthy puppies directly to you on line, using false, tricky and deceptive advertising. The internet is currently unregulated concerning breeders and puppies, so anything can be advertised, saying anything to you the consumer. A recent survey was done by the ASPCA which stated that almost half of Americans purchase their new puppy at pet stores and almost half of them online! Please do your research and be very careful.
We at Sherry’s Precious Puppies urge you to find and purchase your lovable puppy directly from a reputable, registered breeder only. Sherry’s Kennel is certified with the State of Ohio and registered with DRA. All our Shih Poo pups come with the option to be multi-registered with Pet Registries such as APRI, CKC, ACA and ACHC.
We have one litter of Shih Poos at a time to allow us to give our pups the best of care and attention. We at Sherry’s Precious Puppies breed and raise our designer pups to improve their beauty, temperament, health and genetics. Each Shih Poo pup gets Lots of TLC from us each and every day!
Please come visit our precious Shih Poo puppies, hold them personally, all prior to making a life-long commitment for you and your family. We will assist you in choosing a special Shih Poo pup just for you. Be prepared to fall in love!

Please BEWARE of “puppy mills” and buying your puppy on the internet.

Sherry’s Shih Poos

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