Monday, February 21, 2011

Bring success to you by getting trained from Emile Haddad Seattle

Are you a manager of your company? Are you facing problems in managing people and motivating them to do the work? Do you feel that everything you learned in your university is of no use in the real business world and nothing of your book knowledge applies here? You are stressed because you simple confused what to do and how to motivate employees and bring success to the business and to yourself? Well, these are the problems faced by every new manager. After he completes his education and enters the real world he discovers that nothing he learned in university applies in the real business place. This is because he does not know how to apply that knowledge. No matter how much you learn at university, it is of no use unless you get trained to apply that knowledge. Hence, to be a good manager, you need to do well in school and university and then get good training from a reputable trainer to help you go through the path of management and eventually to success. Well, for that, Emile Haddad Seattle is there to help you get trained to be the best manager out there and to bring success to you and your business.

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